Who can participate

Students ages 10-19, grades 6-12, can join a team or ride as independent riders. Students do not need experience to join a team; this program is open to any and all students who would like to participate. While students are encouraged to try racing and there are no team tryouts or cuts, a student who prefers not to race may still participate with the team at practices, team rides and other events.  Team practices emphasize bike handling skills and coaches focus on providing the proper instruction and guidance to make this the perfect introduction to a sport you can enjoy the rest of your life.


About the race weekends

How does camping and hanging out with hundreds of students and coaches from around the state in some of the most amazing mountain bike destinations locations in the country sound?  Our venues represent the best Idaho has to offer when it comes to fully experiencing mountain bike culture. At each race weekend, students have the opportunity to bond within their team as well as with other teams while enjoying the camping experience.  The energy and enthusiasm of the weekend allows students to support and cheer for both their teammates and other team’s members during the races.  And by spending time in the outdoors, students are exposed to nature, develop respect for the environment and deepen their understanding of the world around them.  


About the competitions

The Idaho League produces a super high quality professional race weekend experience.  “Pre-ride” day is Friday and “Race-day” is Saturday. Race experiences are separate for high school and middle school student-athletes. Both boys and girls will compete separately for individual awards in each category.   The League follows the same categories as other high school (grades 9-12) sports: Freshman, Sophomore, Junior Varsity and Varsity.  Middle school (grades 6-8) riders can self select either category A (advanced) or B (beginner). Every high school student has the opportunity to contribute earned points towards their team overall points. Middle school racing does not have a point series and emphasizes fun.


How to participate

Joining a team is the best way to get the full NICA experience.  Check our “interactive team map” to see if a team exists at your school or a composite team exists in your area.  Click on the team listed and contact that teams Team Director for a team registration invite.

Interactive team map HERE

If no team exists you can participate as an independent rider by contact your Idaho League director.  Also, if you know of any adults willing to start your local team, let your Idaho League director know. It’s fairly easy to get a new team started!

Idaho League director: