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Idaho Interscholastic Cycling League Race Series

One of the great things about a NICA League, which separates us from other youth cycling development programs, is we produce our own youth-specific events. This means we pick out race venues and work directly with land owners and managers to produce the highest quality youth development race courses and events. The kids get a stage of their own, away from adult competitions and we strive for safety and fun above all other factors.
We are so excited to be partnering with these various land owners and mangers as all of these venues represent some of the best riding, camping and beauty Idaho is known for.  Additionally, all of these venues have made a significant commitment to the sport of mountain biking as they all have invested in purpose built trail systems specifically engineered to accommodate beginner to advanced riders.

*Category Placement Table for the 2018 race series

Race Series 2018 Date Flyer Map Staging and Results Quick Start Guide Volunteer Here Extra Waiver
#1 Magic Mania, Magic Mountain 8/25/2018 Magic 2018 Magic 2018 HS Staging

MS Staging


2018 2018 Season
#2 Grand Charge, Grand Targhee 9/8/2018 Targhee 2018 Targhee 2018 HS Staging

MS Staging


2018 2018 Season  Targhee Waiver

RV Parking Form

#3 Galena Gallop, Galena Lodge 9/15/2018 Galena 2018 Galena 2018 HS Staging

MS Staging


2018 2018 Season
#4 Jug Jamboree, Jug Mountain 9/29/2018 Jug 2018 Jug 2018 HS Staging

MS Staging


2018 2018 Season Jug Mountain Ranch Waiver
#5 Bogus Boss, Bogus Basin 10/13/2018 Bogus 2018 Bogus 2018 HS Staging

MS Staging


2018 2018 Season
Make-Up Race Weekend 10/20/2018

Current NICA Rulebook – http://nationalmtb.org/wp-content/uploads/NICA-Rulebook.pdf

2018 IICL Rules Change Summary – http://www.idahomtb.org/wp-content/uploads/2018-Idaho-Rules-Change-Summary.pdf

IICL Specific Rules –http://www.idahomtb.org/wp-content/uploads/2018-IICL-Specific-Rules.pdf

Weather & Air Quality Policy – http://www.idahomtb.org/wp-content/uploads/Weather-Policy-and-Guidelines.pdf

Refund/Transfer Policy – http://www.idahomtb.org/wp-content/uploads/Refund-Policy.pdf

Middle School Racing Experience – http://www.idahomtb.org/wp-content/uploads/Middle-School-Policy.pdf

Call-Up and Staging Protocol – http://www.idahomtb.org/wp-content/uploads/Idaho-League-Call-Ups-and-Staging-Protocols.pdf

A huge thank you to all of our Idaho League sponsors! The Idaho League is able to provide top-notch race production equipment with the generous support from our sponsors:   




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