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Individuals can participate in the Idaho League as an independent rider, but what’s even more fun is having a team to train and race with. Whether you are a student or coach, the League wants to do everything we can to help you form a team at your local high school or community. If you’d like to see a team format your school, please send us an e-mail so we can help you out.

Don’t have a team to race with? That’s ok! Students can compete as an independent racer in the League Series. While they will not be eligible for the Team Overall title, they are eligible for the Individual Race and Overall titles. Independent racers need not register a team, and should only register for the series, being sure to denote that they are racing as an “Independent” where appropriate on registration forms. All other rules apply. Please send us an e-mail so we can help you out.

Below is a detailed interactive map with information about teams, either established or in the processes of getting established. Please click on current teams throughout Idaho, if you notice a Team Director Contact email, this means the team is fully registered and ready for the season.  If no Team Director information is listed, this means the team has not yet registered with the Idaho League.

Types of Teams

  • School-Based Teams: Comprised of full-time students from the same high-school, public or private. School-based teams can be “official” or “unofficial”.
  • Composite Teams: Comprised of full-time students from more than one high-school, charter school or homeschool within the same district or other geographic proximity. Composite Team Limitations: Composite Teams are intended to be temporary solutions toward building school-based teams. High School students may only score for a composite team that has 5 or fewer students from the same school.  If 6 or more students from one school race on a composite team, those students will be scored separately from the rest of the composite team unless a petition to do otherwise is approved.
  • Idaho Dual-Enrollment and NICA Team definition exception: Read about the exception here.


As of 2017, the Idaho League will move to a tier II NICA League with two divisions of Team Competition. Larger teams (16+ High School Student-Athletes) will then be designated Division I, with Division II being made up of smaller teams (15- High School Student-Athletes) and ALL composite teams regardless of overall size.

While Division I and Division II teams score separately, the individual student-athletes will score together regardless of team division. Additionally, teams and students are treated equally by the League in all aspects. The separation is only intended to provide a fair team race environment.

Team Scoring

Teams are awarded points after every League race, which count toward the team’s standings at that individual race and for the overall series. Both girls and boys points count toward that team’s overall score. However, teams need not to have boys’ and girls’ points to score for a race. Due to the difference in team size between divisions, Division I teams and Division II teams are scored differently.

For Division I, the team’s score is highest score possible out of the following boy/girl combinations:


For Division II, the team’s score is the highest score possible out of the following boy/girl combinations:

  • BBBG
  • BBGG
  • BGGG


For more information about Team and Individual Scoring, please refer to the League Rule Book (PDF) (Section 8: “Team and Individual Scoring Rules”; pp. 20-21).