Wilderness First Aid – 16 hour

Wilderness First Aid logoThe Idaho League is excited to announce our continued partnership with Simple Backcountry Medicine for our Wilderness First Aid (WFA) offering.   This 16 hour class will fulfill NICA Coach Licensing Level 3 requirements. Open to the public and Level 1-3 NICA Coaches. Please note, NICA will not be accepting any 8 hour “WFA” or “Advanced First Aid” certificates for coaches within the Idaho League.

Wilderness First Aid Class

You are invited to attend a Wilderness First Aid Course specifically designed for the Idaho Interscholastic Cycling League.  The course will be approximately 16 hours, divided over two days.

The Wilderness First Aid Course will meet all requirements outlined by the Wilderness Medical Society for the WFA certification, which will include Patient Assessment and Movement, as well as Managing Major Trauma, Wounds, and Musculoskeletal Injuries.  We will also devote time to Common Medical and Environmental Problems, particularly those relevant to Cycling Coaches and Leaders.

While we’ll cover the full spectrum of required topics, there will be an emphasis on simple strategies for handling common problems.  There will be time for questions and discussion in the highly interactive learning environment.  Significant time will also be devoted to hands on practice, scenarios, and case studies to help ingrain knowledge gained during lecture.

The course will be taught by Bill McKnight, a Board Certified Physician Assistant and Fellow of the Wilderness Medical Society.  Bill has 15 years of clinical experience in emergency and family medicine.  He taught Outdoor Emergency Care for the National Ski Patrol as well as WFA and WFR courses for an international medical support and education company before focusing on his own company, Simple Backcountry Medicine, for the last two years.

2017 Class Dates and Locations

April 29-30, Location: ISU (Idaho Falls) Bennion Student Union.  Register* HERE

May 20-21, Location: Sage International School (Boise).  Register* HERE

*Early bird discounts are available and please note the “class minimum cancellation policy” prior to signing-up.