Participation Fees

Student-Athlete Fees

Membership Fee (required): All student-athletes $175.00 

Paid by all student-athletes prior to participating in any league event to include team practices.  New student-athletes are allowed a one-time practice participation with a signed parental waiver – subject to individual team policies.  To continue participating after this one-time trial, all participants must complete Pit Zone registration and pay the league membership fee.

Season Pass (optional): High School: $150 / Middle School: $125

Season Passes not yet available. Registration for races will open only when it is clear we can host large-scale events in the fall.  The season pass includes registration fees for 5 races and a custom race plate.

Individual Race Registration (optional):  $50 per race – ONLY REQUIRED IF SEASON PASS WAS NOT PURCHASED

After season pass sales end, individual race entry fees can still be paid for the remainder of the season but must be paid online via the Pit Zone.

Online registration closes the Monday prior to each race at midnight.  THERE IS NO ONSITE REGISTRATION.

Coach Licensing Fees

License Fee: Starting in  2020 there will be no Coach License Fee for IICL coaches.

Background Check (required annually):

  • Year 1 – $38
  • Years 2-6 – $11
  • Year 7 – $38

Depending on which coach license level you are working toward, there are additional costs to consider – e.g., CPR, first aid/WFA etc.  The IICL heavily subsidizes all coach training cost.

Team Fees

Team Registration – $175


What does the Membership Fee cover?

  • The Membership Fee covers participation in IICL-sanctioned activities – including preseason events, practices, league hosted workshops – and insurance for all of those activities.  It does not cover NICA Adventure camps,  GRiT camps or races.
  • Camping at all race venues is now covered by the IICL Membership Fee

What does the Season Pass cover?

  • The Season Pass covers registration for 5 races during the season.
  • A custom race plate
  • The Season Pass may not be broken up based on race attendance (no pro-rating for missed races) and is not refundable (exceptions may be made for season-ending injuries).
  • Season Pass deadline: July 31, 2021. After the deadline, race registration will be available on a per-race basis only.

What if I’m not sure if I want to race or I can’t attend all of the races?

  • Student-athletes must pay  the Membership Fee to participate in any league-sanctioned non-race activities (including team practices). If or when riders choose to race, they may then pay for the Season Pass (until July 31, 2021) or register for individual races.

Why does the league have this fee structure?

  • This fee structure aligns participation costs with the programming the Idaho league provides.
  • It simplifies the race registration process for parents and coaches without constant deadlines or late fees.
  • It aligns the IICL with other interscholastic sports programs and promotes season long participation.
  • It strengthens the financial stability of the IICL for long-term sustainability.
  • It allows the IICL to subsidize the cost of coach licensing and training in order to provide enough licensed coaches in the league to maintain safe student-to-coach ratios.
  • It allows the IICL to cover all race venue expenses including camping in designated camping areas at each venue.

What if I can’t afford to pay the fees upfront?

  • Payment can be made using PayPal credit with zero interest for 6 months.  To take advantage of this payment option follow these steps:
    • Register in the Pit Zone and select “Pay by Check” as your payment option and make note of the total amount due and ‘Order ID #’.
    • Obtain approval through PayPal  credit
    • Login to your PayPal account choose the option to ‘Send’ payment using your credit line to the IICL with the following contact information:
      • Name: Idaho Interscholastic Cycling League
      • email:
      • Address: 709 N Troutner Way Boise, ID 83712
      • Be sure to add your ‘Order ID #’ from the Pit Zone in the notes section of your PayPal transaction
    • PayPal will send a check to the IICL for the registration fees at which time your status will be changed from ‘Pending’ to ‘Paid’.

Is there financial assistance available?

  • Yes, student-athletes and coaches may apply for financial assistance through the league. The application will be available April 1, 2021 and details are available through team directors.
  • Financial assistance will be awarded in two phases.
    • Applications will be reviewed between 5/15/21 and 6/30/21 to cover full or partial Membership Fees.
    • A second application will need to be submitted and reviewed between 7/1/21-7/31/21 to cover full or partial Season Pass fees.  There is no financial assistance available for individual race entry fees.
  • Financial assistance will be evaluated on student-athlete financial need, community volunteer commitments and available funds.
  • We will highly encourage all applicants to commit to partial payment and 100% scholarships will be limited to extenuating circumstances.

Are there refunds available for race cancellations?

What other costs are there?

  • Teams  may have additional fees to cover jerseys and team operating costs.  Check with your local team director for more information.  
  • Equipment costs vary greatly but all participants will be required to have at minimum the following equipment:
    • Fully functioning mountain bike
    • Helmet
    • Hydration system
  • Races are held in locations across the state and there may be travel costs associated with attending the races.  Check with your local team director on team policies regarding travel.

What if I don’t have the appropriate equipment?

  • Many teams have extra equipment available for use.  Check with you local team director for more information.

How do these costs compare to other youth sports?

  • We strive to make participation in the IICL affordable while staying committed to providing high-quality professional events with safety as our top priority.  That being said, there are countless expenses related to running these programs.  We balance our financial needs between registration fees, sponsor partnerships, fundraising campaigns, etc.  Our programs run from April to October with membership and race fees significantly lower than other youth sports.  According to and USA Today  participation in other club sports run 3-10 times more than what it costs to participate in the IICL.