Loaner Bike Program 


About the Program

After “Try-It-Out” winds down for the spring/summer, the Idaho League will offer the mountain bike fleet as loaner bikes to Student-Athletes who do not have a bike to ride. The loaner bike will be available for their use during the in-season time of the year, July-October.  Student-Athletes must commit to the current season to qualify. Commitment involves registering with the League, signing up for their local team and entering a minimum of two races. Teams have constitutions that spell out participation commitments such as practice attendance, GPA and code of conduct. Bikes are loaned to the Student-Athlete with a signed agreement between the League, Parent, Coach, and Student-Athlete.

Commitment Details

  1. Commit to a local team – sign team agreement and pay team dues.
  2. Commit to the Idaho League and NICA – pay your $60 (HS) or $40 (MS) annual registration fee.
  3. Commit to the racing experience – sign-up for minimum 2 of the 5 races.
  4. Commit to caring – be prepared to have yourself, coach and parents sign an agreement to respect and possibly replace loaned equipment. You, your coach and parents will be responsible for the maintenance and repair of the loaned equipment from July 1- October 31. You will return the equipment in similar condition no later than November 1.


Submit your application via the 2018 Loaner Bike Application Form. The application will have instructions on how to submit.  Bikes are reserved on a first-come-first-served basis. Incomplete or illegible applications will be moved to the back of the line.